I have a diverse range of books I find fascinating for many different reasons. Either they taught me something I didn’t know or captured my attention with their detail and raw characters. I love books that seem to become glued to my finger tips once I open them, much like the ones I write myself. I find my self to be a variety writer, enjoying writing and reading most genres.  Below are just some of the top reads for myself.

Stephen Kings- A memoir of the craft of writing

Wilson Rawls- Where the Red Furn Grows

Harpper Lee-To kill A Mockingbird & Go Set a Watchman

Stephen Crane- The Red badge of courage

Stephen King- Christine, Cujo, The Dome and many more.

R.L. Stine- The Werewolf of Fever Swamp….

Nicholas Sparks- The Note Book, A Walk to Remember

Jane Porter- The Frog Prince

William Shakespeare- Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night Dream

Ann Frank- A Diary of a Young Girl

Suzanne Collins- Hunger Games, Mocking Jay, Catching Fire

Stephenie Meyer- Twilight Saga’s


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I am a mother of four completely different children. All of which keep me on my toes with all their activities they do. One of which received Basketball League Championship-1st place winners this past Saturday. My youngest and only boy  continued his bi-weekly Quarter Back private lessons with current Oakland Raiders QB Derek Carr and Ex NFL QB David Carr’s father Rodger Carr. As he prepares for his up coming flag football season and then tackle football. While doing the “Ninja run” with my oldest daughter-Karate do and youngest-Taekwondo running them all over for their lessons. You would think out of four kids two would be interested in the same thing- make life easy for mom. Nope guess this mom has to keep being mom while all I want to do is take a cat nap, drink caffeine and write in my sleep, since that seems to be the only time I can manage at the moment. Off to another week full of adventures.

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03/08/2016  WE’RE LATE!

Alarm didn’t go off! Oh crap was my first though as I noticed my phone was mocking me at 8:25. It kept making that dreadful sound alerting me to get my butt up.  I rushed while mostly dressed to get 4 kids up- that’s a challenge in its self. As we passed from infant to toddler to child to older child and teenage stages- I would have never though that would have been as much of a work out as wrestling 4 kids under the age of 5.  Who all managed to loose a sock or shoe that was just put on them- oh and the last minuets I got to pee- when in a rush. On any other day One of them will end up hiding in their mound of covers playing as if no one is there- I can see your foot-one will swear he never got told as he pulls the covers up over his head-like that’s going to help him not be able to hear me, as if their magic blankets that tone out all noise-where can I get me blankets like that, when my husband is snoring? The older two will sit up, even stand making me think- Finlay Yes someone is getting ready. Yet no zombies emerge from the room. Who knows what the teens are or not doing!

But today no, we managed to get all 5 of us overly exhausted-from staying up till 12 A.M. doing bible study- bodies up, fed, dressed and had a lunch made all by 8:45am and out the door making it to the kids school within their 10 min late grace period. And I didn’t even have to speed 🏻 heck yeah God is good!


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03/14/2016    No  time

Isn’t it funny how there isn’t enough time in the day-or night to do anything? Well the time change for Day light savings didn’t save me anything other than feeling drained all weekend. Chaotic weekend full of last minuet basketball All-Star games for my daughter, being bounced around between three different teams. Had two doing Sparing-fighting- for those who are unfamiliar with the martial arts term. Took me a while to figure out sparing was just a fancy term for what seems like dodging punches and kicks ballet. Not much time to write-soon very soon I will be finally working on some stories. Got to knock out the grades strong, will be done with school sometime this April!


03/24/2016  Easter Traditions

Yum! Home made Portuguese sweet bread- Easter bread! Usually we put egg in middle but I barely remembered to make it! I love heritage traditions! I add the sprinkles, a lot don’t- kids love it. Now if only I could get kids to eat Portuguese soupish…..