Client Ashlie Books Logo no outlineClient Ashlie Books Logo

These are A. L. Standlee’s logos for all her Young Adult, Mystery/Si-fi, Romance/Love, and Adventure short stories or novels. Created by Graphic designer Heather Cheick, with help from LaVonna Fletcher and A.L. Standlee. Cheick just graduated with top honors from DeVry for Graphic Design and Fletcher is a brilliant artist.

The Trinity log0= the faith stories she will write or incorporate into some of my works.

The Rose= Romance and love stories and will have this single logo at the bottom of every page.

Client Ashlie Books Logo Romance

Horse= Adventure stories and will also have the logo at the bottom of all pages.

Client Ashlie Books Logo Adventure

Mystery glass= All Mystery stories and si-fi stories. You will be able to find at the bottom of all pages in works that fit these genres.

Client Ashlie Books Logo Mystery

Young Adult= These are stories that are for the young adult age, but are certainly not limited to just them.

Client Ashlie Books Logo Young Adult



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